I Have Questions!

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The act of learning begins with a question. We ask questions in the workplace to learn as part of our everyday work and daily interaction with others; and also to develop an understanding of our work tasks.

It is important to use both close-ended and open-ended questions so as to understand how our work fits in the larger picture of the organization.  Open-ended questions give us general information whereas closed-ended questions specify information.

Also, asking these types of questions demonstrates our interest in understanding the world of work, not just our own work task.

  1. Decide what you need to know.
  2. Ask an open-ended question.
  3. Listen actively to the response.
  4. Verify the answer with a closed-ended question.
  5. Use closed-ended questions to confirm an idea or assumption.
  6. Ask additional questions for complete understanding.

  1. Organisation / management
    • Ensure new employees have opportunities to ask questions on their work tasks.
    • Provide enough tools / resources for new employees.
  2. Workplace ‘trainer’
    • Not applicable

  3. Workplace ‘learner’
    • Ask questions if you face any doubts or need some help about a work task.
    • Be confident in using a combination of close-ended and open-ended questions.