Kris Loy

Kris Loy

I am experienced in CET and HRD and my strengths are in project management, operational management and people management.  I am resourceful, versatile and always seeking solutions to situations and making things possible.

My Experience in Industries include:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Retail
  • Training & Education
  • SME

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My Story

I have over 16 years of experience working with organisations in the field of human resource development at both national and industry levels.  In the last 12 years I have worked closely with the retail industry in Singapore to support people development needs by offering education and training programmes that help enhance their professional capabilities.
I strongly believe in developing and nurturing people to unleash their potential for performance at work and in life. My key strengths are in project management, business and operations management and as a self-starter I am also analytical, meticulous and conscientious.

I hold a Master of Arts in Lifelong Learning from UCL, Institute of Education, a Graduate Diploma in System Analysis from NUS, Institute of System Science, a Bachelor of Science in Management from UMIST, a Diploma in Marketing from Singapore Polytechnic and a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education from IAL.  I have also been appointed as a SkillsFuture Mentor and a Business Advisor to SMEs by SPRING Singapore.