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The Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP) offers a suite of outcome-focused consultancy services specially designed to guide you and your team towards embarking on workplace learning and employee-driven initiatives and projects. As enterprise leaders, you get to decide on the types of your workplace transformation journey – depending on your readiness and available resources.

Begin your very own workplace transformation journey with CWLP and our pool of trusted Consultants, with years of Training and Adult Education expertise. Identify the business goals or challenges that your enterprise is looking to achieve or resolve, and get started on your journey.

Workplace Learning Consultancy
NACE@IAL Consultancy

Get started on workplace transformation but uncertain if you can spare the resources.

Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA)

Achieve greater results and impact on employee performance and productivity.

Dedicated Consultant
- Workplace Learning & Performance Specialist
Consultancy Grants (of up to 90%)^
Eligibility Criteria NA ≥ 25 employees
Time Commitment ~ 3 months ~ 6 - 9 months
Resource Commitment 1 Project Champion needs to be appointed by enterprise to drive the project and team members

^SMEs with at least 30% local shareholding and group annual sales turnover of less than $100 million or group employment of not more than 200 employees would be eligible for up to 90% funding for consultancy projects. Non-SMEs would be eligible for up to 70% funding for consultancy projects.

T&Cs apply. Please connect with our Business Development Team at to find out more about the eligibility and grants.

What Workplace Transformation Projects Can You Embark On?

Whether your job function requires you to lead holistically or in your respective fields of Human Resource and/or Learning and Development functions – be inspired by the workplace transformation journey through CWLP’s consultancy and workplace transformation projects.

Here are the 5 themes of workplace transformation projects that our enterprises have embarked on and completed:



Enhancement of employee productivity and performance


Improvement in operational processes for seamless work


Provision of opportunities to upskill and reskill employees for growth in organisation

Digitalisation &

Adoption of technologies - resulting in cost and time savings




Empowerment of employees to innovate improvisations at work

What is The Workplace Transformation Process and Duration?

A tripartite partnership consisting of IAL, a designated Consultant, leaders of your enterprises/MNC, as well as a selected project team works together to advocate workplace transformation by embarking on workplace learning projects to address your performance issues and gaps to achieve your key business goals.

All workplace transformation projects will follow the DOCIE process framework, detailed below. As the intensity of the projects under the 3 consultancies differ, the below image shows a summary of the duration of each stage in your enterprise transformation.

DOCIE Consultancy Process