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Individual Learning Method: Discussion with Peers and Supervisors

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Learning is a process that occurs through interactions with others and takes place in a social context. When we discuss with peers to talk about work, this is an important and natural part of the social aspect of learning. We can and often also approach our supervisors to talk about issues related to our work – for example action plans, resources and support needed for us to perform at work. These conversations are really workplace learning in action!

  1. Establish a clear objective of the discussion.
  2. Start the discussion with an open-ended question.
  3. Show interest in the topic.
  4. Write down ideas and notes.
  5. Maintain a meaningful conversation.
  6. Summarize key points and close the discussion.

  1. Organisation / management
    • Ensure peer support groups are in place.
    • Provide employees with opportunities to share ideas with colleagues and supervisors; and apply what they learnt in the workplace.
  2. Workplace ‘trainer’
    • Promote the importance of learning at work.

    • Provide coaching, encouragement and feedback.

  3. Workplace ‘learner’
    • Contribute and provide inputs during discussions.
    • Apply newly learned skills to the workplace.