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Individual Learning Method: Taking Notes, Drawings, Photographs

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A lot of learning happens at the workplace. Often, we tell ourselves that we will remember, but in reality it’s likely that we will forget what we’ve learnt. A good discipline that we should all adopt then is to capture our learning in some form, through taking down notes, drawings, photographs or even videos! This way, we can make reference to them again when the need arises in future.

Learning becomes more just-in-time and effective, allowing us to recall and review information more easily and accurately in the workplace.

  1. Start on a workplace task.
  2. Write down notes as you work on the task.
  3. Draw out the workflow/process.
  4. Take photos for reference.
  5. Share observations and clarify by asking questions.
  6. Take videos when necessary.
  7. Review notes, pictures and videos.

  1. Organisation / management
    • Encourage employees to take down notes, photographs as artefacts.
    • Provide enough tools / resources for ‘workplace trainers’ where needed.

  2. Workplace ‘trainer’
    • Ensure notes are clearly written, diagrams are clearly drawn, and photographs are properly taken.

  3. Workplace ‘learner’
    • Constantly review your notes/diagrams and ask questions.
    • Make your notes visually appealing by incorporating meaningful phrases, images, symbols.