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Organisational Learning Method – Community of Practice

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A CoP is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. It is a core team that meets regularly to contribute ideas and to help each other. It is held together by the `learning value’ members find in their interactions and has a strong organisational support.

(Adapted from Community of Practice, Civil Service College Singapore, 2012).

The following video clips will demonstrate the negative and positive examples of Community of Practice in an office environment.

  1. Set up the session by connecting it to the purpose of the CoP.
  2. Identify the person who would be sharing in the session.
  3. Share information or learning experience related to the CoP focus.
  4. Encourage sharing of views and learning by group members.

  1. Organisation / management
    • Promote an open learning culture.
    • Provide employees with opportunities to form communities that learn, share and collaborate thus building a learning and forward moving workforce.
  2. Workplace ‘trainer’
    • Facilitate an open learning culture.
    • Participate and contribute in sharing and learning sessions.
  3. Workplace ‘learner’
    • Ask specific questions with a view to learn even if it may sound `silly’
    • Take notes to help remember the learning experience.