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Individual Learning Method: Solving a Problem with Others

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Learning occurs in the workplace when we deal with problems for which we have no routine method of solving. Working in groups, we identify and pool together what different individuals already know and have experience with, what we need to know, as well as how and where to access new information that may lead to the resolution of the problem. During the problem-solving process, we also gain new knowledge and skills and develop effective collaboration skills.

  1. Develop an approach to explain the problem.
  2. Make use of prior knowledge of the subject.
  3. Discuss the problem with other employees.
  4. Identify issues to work on.
  5. Work independently on the issue.
  6. Regroup and discuss outcomes.

  1. Organisation / management
    • Ensure a conducive work environment for employees to work together to resolve a problem.
    • Provide enough tools / resources for ‘workplace trainers’ where needed.
  2. Workplace ‘trainer’
    • Facilitate learning by supporting, guiding and monitoring the learning process.

    • Build employees’ confidence to work on the problem by encouraging them while also stretching their understanding.

  3. Workplace ‘learner’
    • Use your prior knowledge in the subject matter when working on the problem.
    • Actively participate in the problem-solving process with your colleagues.